Why wills are important


Is it important to make a Wills4less? Without hesitation, the answer is yes! The will allows that the succession unfolds according to the last wishes of the deceased person. In this document of great importance, we find in particular the heirs, the liquidator and the caretakers. Unfortunately, we do not know when we are going to die. It is therefore never too early to make the right decision to write a will.

The usefulness of a will
Why should a will be made? The reasons are many and can change any recalcitrant person’s mind. Even if the will is not obligatory, it is strongly recommended to write one. This document is reassuring, knowing that your last wishes will be respected by those around you. The will also makes all the difference for your heirs.

To make one’s will is to express your wishes regarding the entire distribution of your property. Regardless of who the law designates as heirs, the will allows you to leave your assets in the desired way to the chosen individuals, organizations or organizations. That is, the will always takes precedence over the law of inheritance. In the absence of a will, the law will designate your legal heirs according to your marital status. However, legal heirs may not match the people you would have liked. When a person does not have a will, the risk of conflicts in the entourage is multiplied. This is one more reason to have a will in good standing.

If you wish to appoint heirs and make specific requests, it is essential to prepare your will. The notary is the estate expert. He can advise you on all aspects of this document, drafting and approving it. Even a person with few assets should have a will. In a testamentary succession, the importance is the way to proceed for the distribution of goods.

The benefits of a notarial will
There are different forms of will, namely the notarial will, the holograph will and the will in the presence of witnesses. All forms are recognized before the law. The holograph will and testamentary will require certain checks before being recognized after the death, causing certain delays and additional costs. The notarial will is already registered, takes effect from the death. The notarial will is the one offering the most advantages:

Respect for your wishes
Protection of heirs and liquidator
Undeniable legal veracity
Very difficult to challenge
Planning Tips
Effective immediately after death
It can easily be traced by the liquidator
The last wishes
The main advantage of using a notary for your will is the respect of your last wishes. Expert in inheritance law, the notary assures you the greatest respect of all your requests. Clear and detailed, the notarial will avoids any ambiguity that could lead to possible conflicts between the heirs.

Having all the necessary knowledge in law, the notary drafts your will in accordance with the law. It offers you and your heirs peace of mind. Do you want to make your own will without being notarized? It is still better to at least have it checked by a notary. In this way, you will know if any clarifications or corrections need to be made. A holograph will must always be written by hand and include the testator’s signature. A will written on the computer is not recognized by law.